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Healy Creek Outfitters Bear Hunt

This day was one of them days. Raining hard when we checked baits. Had a bear in at 11:42 pm. We put out and had a split race with Rosie off by herself. After pushing the bear several miles we seen it cross and couldn't make a clean shot. I decided to catch Rosie and put to fresh dog's Nitro and Juels on the bear. They pushed it hard for about an hour until I was able to get the shooter in place and this is the end result. Rosie is now officially retired. Congratulations Brett on your bear.  Pictured here Patrick Cook- owner and Rosie, along with Brett's bear from October 2, 2017. 

Healy Creek Outfitters LLC located in Rhinelander WI providing guided hunts.

Patrick Cook- Owner

Patrick has been hunting with hounds for as long as he can remember! Born and raised here in Rhinelander WI. The woods are his second home! Patrick along with his wife Beth, and children Sophia and Logan strive to keep hunting traditions alive!

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